Gymnastics camp

It’s that time. She’s 3 now and ready for some action. I put Marielle in a gymnastics camp last week at LSU. I have been dying to put her in gymnastics. I looked for a camp for the summer so I could kind of “feel her out” and see how much she liked it. I was praying she loved it, because I would LOVE for her to do gymnastics. Turns out, she did really well this week. She followed direction really well and she really did all the exercises correctly!! I think I’m going to find something for her to continue on in the future.

The camp was for one week, from 9-12 everyday. This is the night before the first day, trying on her leotard…

And this is day one.

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I was prepared to have to peel her crying body off me to get her to go with these gymnast strangers. I was way off, because she couldn’t wait until they opened the doors. She took her shoes off and ran to the mat, with barely a look back in our direction. “Bye!!”

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She was very excited when we picked her up, but she couldn’t tell me what she had been doing. It was really hard to get a clear answer out of her about what was going on there. I would say, “did you do a roll?” She’d say, “No.” Did you do a cartwheel?” “No”, I’d say, “Who are your friends?” She’d think, “I don’t know their names, mommy.” “who are your teachers?” She said – “I can understand them mommy, but I don’t know their names.”  That was hilarious!!

The camp was really cute and every day was a different theme. The second day was “favorite color day” and she just wore a pink leotard. I don’t have any pictures from that. Wednesday was “inside out day”. They wore their clothes inside out, it was cute…

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Then was “CRAZY hair day”. I did a bunch of buns all over Marielle’s head.

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Crazy, huh??!!

The last day was crazy LSU day – hair, clothes and face. She wore the shirt/dress that I made and that huge tu-tu over it. I had picked out her LSU cheerleader uniform, but she picked this outfit out herself, boots and all. I’m glad she did – It was totally her!!

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At the very end of the last class, we (the parents, grandparents and aunts) got to watch what they had been up to all week. Marielle was SOO excited to see us there, and her little sister.

g (71)016 Marielle grabbed Aliza and hugged her for 5 minutes. It was so cute!

Then they got started on their “show off”. First was a roll, walk across a beam, jump into the foam blocks, then 2 cartwheels.

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Then – how cute is this – a caterpillar to the next “event”. They loved walking in this line!

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Balance beam. They did it 3 times, dragging their foot, kicking forward and walking sideways. Marielle did it perfectly!

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g (188) On to the trampoline!

They went all the way down this long trampoline twice. First with their hands up just jumping down it, and second with their arms straight out while lifting their legs all the way up.

g (197) g (207)

And last to the bar. They hung from the bar, slid with their arms one way, back the other way, then had to pull their legs up and hold a foam square on the top of their legs.

g (232)

Then…right back to her sissy!!

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g (271) Sad smileI really wish this one would have come out!

After it was over, I could tell Aliza really wanted to try out the foam pit. They both got a few extra minutes to play around and burn off some energy…

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Can’t wait for next year!!


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