My stab at sewing

I’ll be honest, I have some experience with sewing. When we were in middle school, my sister and I desperately wanted to have a sewing machine to make scrunchies. Our mom made a deal with us that if she got a sewing machine, we had to take a class to learn how to use it. And that we did. And oh the scrunchies that were made. We spent tons of time picking out fabric at Wal-mart and made tons of fabric filled with elastic circles to wrap in our hair.

Since I have been home, I’ve seen a few blogs about making pillowcase dresses and simple clothes like that. I also have 3 LSU t-shirts that don’t fit me anymore and I wanted to make them into dresses for the girls. I got the old sewing machine from my mom, bought some fabric, and proceeded to do absolutely nothing with it. Big plans, no follow-through. Soon after I got all that stuff, I realized that you really need a room and time to do those kinds of crafts. It’s a lot of materials and small pieces that need to be left out in order to keep doing it. I don’t have that place and with the 2 little ones running around, I don’t really have that much time to ignore them. They can only be ignored for so long before there is trouble.

Which leads me to last week and me seeing this tutorial on Pinterest. I got a little re-invigorated and thought, wow, I can do that, and maybe I won’t have to get out the sewing machine at all! So I got my LSU shirts out and got started.

LSU shirts

The first yellow one was way too big around the neck for the girls, so I did nothing to that one. I started with the second yellow one.

b LSU shirts (14)

b LSU shirts (16) editGotta have a helper!!

b LSU shirts (18)b LSU shirts (20)b LSU shirts (21)  I cut the side, then made the little cuts, and started tying. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that that would take FOREVER and maybe I should try and get that sewing machine out.

b LSU shirts (24)b LSU shirts (27) 

This was much faster.

b LSU shirts (34) b LSU shirts (29)

It’s a little crocked, but hey, it’s my first time!!

b LSU shirts (35) copy Then my model wouldn’t cooperate, so I had to go with my 2nd model. I didn’t really make it for her, but really, my 16 months apart girls are almost the same size!! I didn’t take any more pictures of this shirt, but I took in the arms a little more too. It’s not great, but it’ll work to watch an LSU game!

I also just took this one in on the sides and the top. Then my model cooperated. Gotta love that belly!!

Lsu shirt model

Not too bad!! Whatcha think??!!


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