Quick rundown…

I have been slacking on my blogging!! I’ll just go ahead with a quick rundown of what’s with us as of late…

Today – an early morning trip to the Lake after Hours clinic. Aliza had tried to get on a stool near the stove and put her hand up on the stove to pull herself up. I had just finished making oatmeal and had turned off it probably only 5 minutes before she tried to get up on the stool. She put her hand directly on the burner and burned the palm of her right hand. As soon as she started screaming, I got a glass of ice water and stuck her hand in it. That helped some, but not much. I went to my parents house because I knew they had some burn medicine. I put the kids in the car, all of us in our pajamas, and got there as fast as we could. When my mom saw it, she said I should take her in to be sure. She fell asleep on the way to Lake After Hours, and stopped crying after that.

IMG_4472 copy We put her hand with the ointment my mom had, in a ziplock bag, secured with tape so she wouldn’t rub it off or wipe her face with it.

She cried again when they bandaged her, but other than that, she’s fine. We have to go back in the morning to see if there are blisters. I really hope there aren’t, but we’ll see. This is her after her bandage…

IMG_4474 copy Too sweet…

Last week - splash park. I didn’t take many pictures, but I have a few. I edited this picture with Instagram, an app I love!! I love the way it came out!


Two weeks ago - Marielle started a regular gymnastics class. It’s one day a week for an hour. I am so excited, I think this is the sport for her. So far, she loves it!


Last week - we were invited to go see Yogi Bear at the theater with one of Marielle’s classmates, Dylan.

IMG_4446 My mom watched Aliza so Marielle and I could go together. Marielle got a little restless in this movie, I think it was a little over her head. We only went to the bathroom once, but she kept getting up and wanting to move around, sit on me, walk down the aisle, etc. We made it through, and this girl loves her some popcorn!! I think it’s her favorite part of going to the movies!

Jon had to go out of town last week, so I had some extra time after baths with the girls. Perfect time for a dance party – I’ll leave you with a video!! Enjoy!


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