Apple dipped pancakes

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There is this new show on daytime TV called “The Chew”. A new show about healthy cooking and easy recipes? Sign me up!! I tapped the first show last week and watched it a few days ago and have been waiting to try this recipe.

Apple dipped pancakes. Not difficult. I didn’t even look up the recipe on the website, you just dip cut apples into regular pancake batter and fry up like regular pancakes. Easy.

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Sad to say, my girls didn’t care for them Sad smile. But to be honest, neither did I. I’m really not a hot fruit type of person. I like apples and pancakes, but not together. Maybe next time.

Try these if you like some warm fruit and pancakes!!


  1. I had some German friends and they made them and sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar and they were delicious. I loved them. Now I will make them on my own...


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