Marielle’s first day of school

Marielle’s first day was just after labor day, but I’ve been such a bad blogger I never posted anything about it. I hope to make time to blog more from now on!

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The best part of the first day was when she came home and we were talking about her day. She is eating a snack and says, “Mom, they call me ‘Mar-rielle’ (as in ‘Mar’ rhyming with ‘far’), not Marielle (‘Mary-elle’ how we pronounce it).” I grabbed my phone and tried to make her say it again on video, but it wasn’t as good as the first time. Here is our re-enactment:

also go here.

The next school day, she did ask her teacher to pronounce it correctly. I was so proud of her going up to her teacher and correcting her. Mrs. Rachael put her in the car the next day and apologized for saying it wrong. I told her it was no big deal, I just wanted Marielle to tell her instead of me doing it for her. 2 points for Marielle!!


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