New Nephew Griffin

So my sister had her baby, and I am an Aunt! I couldn’t be more excited or proud to finally have that title, for a real nephew. I have been called Aunt KK for about 9 years now, but now it’s for real. I am a real nanny to the cutest little boy ever.

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I took some maternity pictures of Ally and Billy, but never posted them. I’ll show you a few now, then I’ll tell you more about baby Griffin.

DSC_0021 DSC_0026

Allison was the most beautiful pregnant woman ever. She was really radiant, and had a beautiful smile on her face all throughout her pregnancy.


DSC_0092 DSC_0099

The above pictures can finally be revealed!! They kept the baby’s name a secret until the birth, so no one has seen those last 2 pics. Cute nursery, right?!

On October 25, Ally went in to have her little baby boy. It was a really long day for her, starting with being at the hospital at 3 am. She got her epidural at about 7:30, so by the time 6 pm came around and she wasn’t progressing very quickly, she and her doctor decided to go in and have a c-section. It was a hard decision for her, but they felt it was time to go in there and get that baby out.

I was privileged enough to be let into the c-section operating room. We knew from the beginning that Billy, my mom and I would be in the birthing room since they allow 3 people in there. Well, for a c-section, they only allow 2. My mom and I bickered about it for a little while when there was talk of a section in the afternoon. But once the decision was made to really have the section, my mom gave in and let me be in the operating room. She knew I needed to be there to capture all of it through my camera and she didn’t put up a hard fight…

I suddenly started to get really nervous and scared. I do not like blood and guts and the thought of surgery freaks me out a little. I had a little cry beforehand, then Billy and I named ourselves “team Griffin” and I found a strength inside me that allowed me to be very calm the entire time. I really wanted to do a good job of capturing this for Allison. She filmed and took pictures of the births of both my girls and I really wanted to return the favor.

I could see more surgery things that I really cared to while in the operating room, but like I said, there was a weird calm that came over me, and it was like I had done this over and over. Billy and I decided that I was on baby duty and he was on Ally duty. I would follow the baby and snap (what wound up being a little over 200) pictures, and he would stay and hold Ally’s hand and make sure she was doing ok. It was a perfect arrangement.

You ready? Here we go…

Griffin Michael Toups arrival (71) Griffin Michael Toups arrival (72)

Team Griffin

Griffin Michael Toups arrival (80) Griffin Michael Toups arrival (94)

Momma is ready to go!

Griffin Michael Toups arrival (135) There are even closer pictures of him the second he came out of his momma, but we’ll save those for just his momma and daddy. He was just perfect, a few little cries and he was really good while he was getting weighed and measured and cleaned up.

Griffin Michael Toups arrival (147)Griffin Michael Toups arrival (160)Griffin Michael Toups arrival (212)Griffin Michael Toups arrival (231)

His first few minutes…

Griffin Michael Toups arrival (234) Griffin Michael Toups arrival (238)

His measurements…

Griffin Michael Toups arrival (240) Griffin Michael Toups arrival (255)


Griffin Michael Toups arrival (270) A daddy’s first hold!!!

Griffin Michael Toups arrival (276) Griffin Michael Toups arrival (281)

Momma’s first look and kiss!

Griffin Michael Toups arrival (287)

A brand new family!!!!!!!

Griffin Michael Toups arrival (288) An adorable new face.

Griffin Michael Toups arrival (324) All of TEAM GRIFFIN!!!

Griffin Michael Toups arrival (293) A proud new aunt!

Griffin Michael Toups arrival (340)

One sweet boy!! Griffin Michael Toups!

I can’t wait for more time with this little sweet one. You’ll be seeing lots of him in the months to come!!


  1. Love it! What a wonderful day!!

  2. Your blog makes me cry every time! Your an awesome blogger and photographer and now you can add awesome Aunt to that! Love y'all.

  3. Kasey, This is so awesome! It is such a special thing that you were there and more over that you are the one who captured these special moments. My dad came in the operating room with me for my section and I can defiantely see one very special bond between him & Caleb. You will forever have this with your nephew as well and every breath he takes, every smile he makes you will know that you saw his first...Very Special! I love ya'll!


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