Going back a bit…

I have been so bad at blogging and sharing pictures, I decided to go back the last few months and just do a quick pictorial of what we have been doing with just a few captions. Keep up, this is gonna go pretty fast.

October 2011

Lots of outside-ness

b (35) b (39)

b (43) b (44)

b (53)

Lots of Rosie and Sophia Grace. I swear we watched the Ellen episodes with these girls on it about 1,000 times. And sometimes Marielle and Aliza had to dress up, too!

b (94)

Aliza’s birthday and party.

b (116)b (133)b (134)

A haunted “house” made by yours truly!! Hardly haunted, but so much fun to run through!!

b (184)b (188)

c (11) Aliza’s new Minnie mouse dress that she wears all but daily.

c (31)c (35)

It’s gotta be Minnie!!

c (55)

A field trip to sing and dance at a nursing home.

d (34)

A new cousin, of course!

d (62)

Halloween party at school day.

d (119) d (121)

For some reason, a haircut…

e (16)e (19)

…in the bathtub…

e (27) e (33)e (42)

…by mom. While I love Marielle’s long hair, it was getting a little stringy. I was hoping it would still curl at the ends, but it really doesn’t anymore Sad smile. I miss her curls!!

e (52)e (71)

A terrifying performance at her schools fair. I had to pull her off the stage! she hated every second of it!

e (83)e (91)

She was fine after…

e (95)

Halloween Day at school.

e (106) e (111)

Halloween night at home, with family and neighbors.

halloween (30) copy halloween (40)halloween (44) halloween (49)

Feeding Daddy a sucker on the way back from trick-or-treating.

halloween (72)

October was a pretty great month!!

Up next, November!


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