November 2011

As I did for October, I will fly through the month of November with pictures and captions. Enjoy!

A little creative crafting!! Yep, that’s a flip-flop made from a cracker box! They lasted about 2 hours, but it burned up some time in the day. (Ignore those 3 freakishly long toes.) (Actually, how can you ignore them now? Look at them and know that I am a total klutz, and I blame those 3 freakish toes, on each foot. Sorry Marielle, I couldn’t not pass them on.)

a craft (3) a craft (4)a craft (5)

A little snuggling with baby Griffin.

b (8)

More crafting – I made a “Go Fish” game from another cracker box. It is really helping Marielle learn some numbers, 1-12.

b (12) b (17)

 b (22) b (31)b (30) She’s got her poker face DOWN!!!

Wow, I didn’t realize we were so crafty in November! Here are more of us making cards for their Daddy’s birthday. NAKED FINGER PAINTING!

b (40) b (45) 

b (53) b (61) b (65) 

b (86) b (87)

And these are just too irresistible!

b (92) b (93)b (94) b (95)b (96) b (97)b (98)

A little one night trip to New Orleans, for just me and Jon. We checked out the WWII Museum, a little French Quarter, a wonderful dinner, and of course, Pat O’s piano bar.

c new orleans (5)

c new orleans (17) c new orleans (18)

c new orleans (15) c new orleans (20) edit

A rainy day movie and nap in mommy’s bed. SO fun!!

d (32) d (33)d (34) d (40)d (42) d (55)

Thanksgiving day, homemade Cinnamon Breakfast Bites. Yum!! Then some fun times at Aunt Deidre’s house.

e (21)

e (17)e (19)

e (33)e (37)

No turkey for us, crabmeat au gratin, gumbo, and oysters!

photo (3)

e (62) e (103)e (107) e (115)


e (142)

And some real tailgating, like in a tailgate!!

e (146) 100_8539

100_8536 e (152)

It was really a good month. Lots of fun, crafts and family. Hope you enjoyed our month in pictures!


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