2 Christmas Crafts

I am trying really hard to be some-what crafty. It’s hard for me to just sit down and set up some kind of craft for the kids and me to do. I dread the huge mess for me to clean up afterwards, and I always think my kids are too young to do crafts. I know it will just be me doing the craft with them watching and messing it all up. Positive thinking, right? Anyway, I attempted 2 Christmas crafts towards the end of December.

The snow globes, from Design Mom. Great blog for all types of things…

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First, print out a few pics and cut them small enough to fit in the jars that will be your snow globes. I used babyfood jars, then I found some bigger mason jars and used those too. “Laminate” them between 2 pieces of packing tape to seal them. This is why this craft did not work for me. I did not have a good seal and the pictures wound up getting wet and ruined. But whatever, the kids loves showing them off anyway.

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I grated a piece of plastic with my cheese grater for the “snow” in the snow globe.

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Then you fill your jar with water and glycerin (which helps the snow “float”), put your pictures in and seal.

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Then turn upside down! There you have it – your very own personal snow globe. Until it gets ruined from being in water…

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Cone Trees

Our next craft was just these cone trees with numbers on them to countdown the days until Christmas. A lot of people have calendars and things to countdown the days until Santa comes. Since my girls are so little, I wasn’t sure they would understand that perspective. I found this online and thought it might help. This way, we could take a cone away everyday and they could count the cones to see how many days are left. I did this around the 19th, so we didn’t have many days to count. I am thinking this can be an annual craft for us to set up every year.

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