December 2011

It was a busy month, getting ready for Christmas, decorating and wrapping and trying to make memories and traditions.

My girls are usually sweet with each other, they were rolling all over the floor hugging and kissing this day. I had to get my camera out for it.

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This guy made a few appearances. More like 30 or so! He came just after Thanksgiving, so I know he was tired of finding places to be EVERY morning! We had a disagreement naming him, but eventually “Nerf” stuck. That wasn’t my choice, but oh well, I guess it’s ok for Aliza to name him…

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Nanny Ally was on maternity leave all of December, so we had lots of visits from her and baby Griffin. We all loved having them over. Marielle especially liked burying Nanny Ally and Aliza in stuffed animals…

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We had a kids party at our house early in December. It was a pajama gift exchange for the kids and we also did some cookie decorating. If you do a gift exchange with friends, I totally recommend a pajama exchange. It was easy to buy for them, and the kids had a ton of fun opening new pj’s. Who needs toys when you can get kids new cute pj’s!!??

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This is Grace. Isn’t she so adorable??!!

c (51) edit

Here are pics of my girls just being themselves, which is silly, silly, silly!

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A long day at home, means someone gets COVERED in books.

d (62)

And it also means mom is scrambling to find something to entertain the kids – even for a little while. They ran through this paper mache for 2 days screaming “boom shaka lacka”. I have no idea where it came from, but they loved it!

e (35) e (40)

All in all it was a December to remember! I can only hope the years to come are so fun!!


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