My new job!

As of January 9th, 2012, I am in charge of this guy


(cutest guy EVER) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Oh and do I love it!! This is the cutest little man ever!! My sister comes over just before 7, feeds him his first bottle and heads to work. Then he’s here with is until about 5ish. She is only working M-T-W and it’s really perfect! It’s a great balance for both of us, I still get 2 weekdays with just my girls and we get to sleep in and snuggle in our bed. It’s great!!

I hate that I have not taken any “real” pictures of Griffin yet, but my camera is broken so I sent if off to be fixed. I am missing it terribly and I only have iPhone pics of us and Griffin to share. Excuse the picture quality…


Isn’t he so freaking cute??!!


My girls are totally in love with him too.


He does everything with us…goes on walks, grocery, swingset, even watches Rapunzel…


And he’s a really good baby. Eat, poop, play, sleep. In that order, and on his little schedule. And lucky him, he gets to use all of my girls old bibs and blankets. That’s why he sometimes has on pink bibs and uses a red and pink blanket. Sorry buddy, I hope we’re not destroying your manhood!!

IMG_6643IMG_6665IMG_6669IMG_6674IMG_6738IMG_6746IMG_6780Cute or what?


  1. This is so great in honor of my little guy. I am thankful everyday I go to work that I have you for Griffin. You are a wonderful sister and now a great godmother! This choice you have made to keep him will make our families and kids even closer. Its so fantastic. Thank you for being selfless in opening your home to my family! We love you Nanny KK!


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