Aliza’s first haircut

I cut Aliza’s hair, just a teensy bit when she was about 9 months or so, because it was uneven and looked a little shaggy. She hadn’t had a real cut and I had been itching to get her one, just to give her hair a finished cut. We were out one day and had some extra time, so I called Jon and asked if it was ok that I take her by myself. He hesitated, but he let me do it. I know he would have liked to be there for the first one, but it was just a good time for us and made sense. So off we went! She cried in the car when I asked her if she wanted to go, but after we talked about it a few minutes, she was fine. She did so great. No tears and she was pretty cooperative the whole time.

IMG_7717 Before. When I see it like this, it looks so long!!

IMG_7718 The place we went has a “first haircut special” and they save the first chop. Here is the first cut!!


IMG_7738How cute is this little girl??

IMG_7740 IMG_7741 

Yeah, for a new milestone!!


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