Marielle’s Easter Party

DSC_0508 Marielle was so excited to see us for her Easter party. She walked right up to Aliza and did this:

DSC_0509 I almost fainted with happiness. It’s the cutest thing in the world to see these 2 together.

DSC_0513 I had to get a picture of Marielle and her best friend Mallory. Marielle only talks about Mallory, no one else. I try and say the other kids names and ask her if she talks to them and she says no every time. She is all about Mallory, all the time.

DSC_0517 Before the Easter egg hunt, they had them sit on this rug. I ran outside to get a picture of Marielle coming out and this is what I saw.

DSC_0519 I didn’t prompt her to stay with Aliza or tell them to stay together or anything. I almost fainted twice that day.


Quickly after they let them onto the playground to find eggs, Marielle left Aliza. But Aliza didn’t care. All she saw was a playground she had never played on before.


DSC_0531 After they finished the egg hunt, Marielle and her friends sat in these chairs and I think Aliza was preaching or something. They all seemed to be listening intently.

DSC_0547IMG_7842 Marielle’s Easter butterfly craft, and a big hug and kiss for me!!


They are so nice and Aliza gets to participate in all the activities during the parties they have at school. I think she is getting excited for the Fall, when she starts school too!



  1. Those two are so cute together! You will love looking back on all of these great photos and blog posts years later.


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