Trying to catch up

I am really trying to catch up here, posting stories and pictures. I got so far behind before and after Christmas, and I do have an explanation for not posting. I got a Kindle for Christmas. And I have been reading ever since. I have am on my 5th book since Christmas, and I’ve caught up on countless blogs. My own blog has suffered, and I need to catch up. I really want this blog to chronicle our lives and I want my kids to be able to read this later in life. I am putting some pressure on myself to keep it going, even if some blogs may consist of only pictures without much real story telling. This is one of those posts – a picture post of my favs from the past few weeks months.

DSC_0006 Finger painting with Griffin

DSC_0008DSC_0031 We may have an entertainer in the family!!

DSC_0143DSC_0158 I tried to set up a photoshoot with this little man. It didn’t turn out as good as I wanted it to, but he’s still too cute for words, no matter the set up!

DSC_0174DSC_0177 Double braids before Marielle’s gymnastics class. That was the first double braid for Aliza. She was so proud, I think we left them in for 3 days!



Who could live without bubbles??


We have been having a lot of picnic weather – and good times!!

IMG_7585 IMG_7586 Aunt Deidre watched the girls for a little while and had Marielle lifting some weights and working out. Too fun!

IMG_7612 I have a friend who raises chickens. I get eggs from her and she lets the girls in the coup to pet them. It’s so crazy that Marielle actually touched one!!

IMG_7625 IMG_7629 Been riding bikes to the park and enjoying green and purple smoothies!!

IMG_7647St. Patty’s Day

IMG_7709 Marielle loves to hold Griffin. She does a great job and will sit there with him for a good 20 minutes or so.

IMG_7813 I put them all in Aliza’s crib together. They had a ball.

IMG_7833 This is what I see when I walk down the hall to check on the girls. When they play in their rooms alone and hear me coming, they scream, “HIDE!” and I guess they think I can’t see them or something. They are so funny together.

IMG_7887 Starting Griffin on some cereal. Don’t be fooled by the picture, it did not go well. Ally’s been feeding him dinner at home, so we decided to start him eating breakfast too. After this, we decided to wait a little longer, he just wasn’t interested.

IMG_7900Marielle painted that purse at a birthday party and wanted it hung right by her bed. It’s not where I would choose to put it, but how could I say no? She wanted to be able to see it. I couldn’t deny her that!


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