Our little Aliza. She’s getting bigger.


She has officially turned into a 3 year old.

DSC_0014 DSC_0140

She’s quite the dainty little lady.


And I could take pictures of her all day.


I went back and forth on whether or not to have a party for her. I didn’t feel like doing it and the guilt of that feeling was horrible. So I sucked it up and had a party at Bouncing Tigers. So, first I had to go online and find an invitation. As I said, I didn’t feel like having a big party, and I also didn’t feel like sending a bunch of invites and making sure everyone got them, yada, yada, yada. So I found an invite at 2 Cute Party Prints on Etsy, custom made for Aliza and I could email them out!! Win-Win!

aliza's 3 year old party invite

When Aliza saw this invite on my phone, she was totally in love. She couldn’t stop staring at it and kept asking for my phone so she could see her “inverstation” that she was going to “sing” (send) to her friends. So funny!! I tried to correct her, but then I decided not to. It was too cute! So I printed one out for her and she carried it around for hours just looking at it. Then I had an idea for her to make a video asking her friends to come and send it with the invite. I hope everyone liked to get an invite like that!!

2 Cute Party Prints also made us matching ‘thank you’ cards…

Aliza's Thank You Image size 4 By 6

They have been so nice from the get go. I also requested “Belle” cupcake toppers. There was a bit of a mix up, but they got them to me very fast and gave me a little extra for the hassle (which wasn’t that much hassle at all). If you’re looking for an invite, or Thank You card, or cupcake toppers, I highly recommend 2 Cute Party Prints.

cupcake toppers blog

And you’ll notice by the pictures later, there were no cupcakes. I thought I could take on that challenge and make them myself. It was quite a disaster and we had to go and buy a cake the morning of the party. LESSON LEARNED – BUY A CAKE OR CUPCAKES!! DO NOT TRY AT HOME!!

Our birthday morning tradition in the Gary family, is breakfast in bed. But seeing as how Aliza is still in a crib, that’s not really feasible. So we had chocolate cinnamon rolls at the table. Yum!




Then, it was time for the party!


They had the place all to themselves for a few minutes. Aren’t they the cutest?!!


Then Lily showed up and Aliza tackled her like a football player. Lily is in her class at school, and her big sister Mallory is in Marielle’s class and one of Marielle’s besties. Funny how that works out, right?


The rest of the party was spent sliding, talking to the “bouncing tiger”, eating pizza, cake and ice cream, and finally opening presents.


DSC_0332DSC_0313 edit

And this is Marielle and her crew. Her 2 besties, Mallory in the middle, and Hannah on the right. They both have siblings in Aliza’s class. Coincidence? All they do is laugh and cut up. It’s funny to watch…for a few minutes. Then they start to get hyper and crazy and hard to control.


Aliza is explaining to everyone that she is now “FREE” years old. And she has trouble holding that pinky finger down and letting her third finger up. If you see her, ask her how old she is. It will take a few seconds to get an answer.



Yay for a great birthday for Aliza!!

And yay for mommy that it’s all over Winking smile


  1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed our shop 2 Cute Party Prints :)

    Love the pictures so CUTE :) The party looked like it was so much FUN! Happy 3rd B-day Aliza :)

    Hope to see y'all back soon!


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