Something new

My first "session". My friend Carmen asked me to take some pics of her and her little Allie a few months ago. We put a date on the calendar, picked a great spot and met to get some pictures for their Christmas card and maybe some for their house.
I was so nervous, I could almost say I was terrified. What if I didn't get one picture that she liked? What if it was too bright and sunny and all the pictures sucked? What if she hated me after this? (Just kidding, she would never and I know it!) As silly as these questions seem, I was really worried about all these things.
I dove right in, brought a few "props" that I thought we might use, and started snapping.
This was one of the first shots. Carmen is pregnant right now and she also wanted a few of Allie and her baby bump.
We didn't get too close on the bump, but I think these turned out really cute. 
We kept going and taking more pictures in different settings and I loosened up and relaxed. I think Carmen was happy with the pictures we got. Allie is super cute, I must say!

And what a relief - session 1 done!! It took me a while to edit these, but once it was all said and done - I was ready to do it again!! I have 3 sessions this weekend, and I had one yesterday. Wish me luck!!


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