One reason my blog has suffered…

But only one reason. There are others, but sadly, taking pictures and learning editing has left little time for blogging my personal family stuff. With all these new changes and new photography venture, there will be blogging, but it will be a different type of blogging. I’ll add to that later, for now, I’ll just put some of this fall’s work out there for y’all to see.

DSC_0071 edit web DSC_0159 edit web

DSC_0269 edit web

I call these “The Couv’s”. I went to school with Jill and we have remained friends since high school and we even (get ready for it – I know I’m old!) play pokeno together. I took shots of her family and her brothers family and both families together. It was my largest shoot yet. There was so much to edit and look at and pay attention to, it was a bit overwhelming. But the feedback was good and they even gave the pictures to other family members as gifts!

DSC_0163 edit 2 web Fife-34 edit web

Little Charlotte was a late walker and her mom wanted some pictures of just her, no big sister or big brother to steal her show! She is adorable, and she hammed it up for the camera. I loved this playhouse they had in their backyard. It’s like she has her own house and wants us to come in and play.

Hartman (4) web Hartman-26 web

Hartman-16 web

These little guys? Seriously, they were so cute!! And they did really well considering they traveled in from Plaquemine, we shot at a location I had never used before and was “private”.  We didn’t get caught and it’s a really nice place for pics. It’ll be on my list of places to shoot!

DSC_0052 edit_web DSC_0125 edit web

This was a shoot for a friend I used to work with many years ago. These boys want to make me have my own boys! Just kidding, I’ll do just fine snuggling my little nephews Winking smile

DSC_0249 edit web DSC_0314 edit web watermark

And Allie Parker Ross. This one was wild and didn’t want much to do with my camera, but I got in there and got what I needed. I think her mom agreed!!

Hopefully there will be more blogging soon!!


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