“Gosh, you’re such a nice sister”

I get that a lot. I’m not bragging, I’m just repeating what people tell me when I say that I watch my nephew while my sister works. I know it is a big help to my sister, and I love that I am able to do this for her. But that is not the real reason I do it.

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First off, I only have him 2 days a week. It used to be 3, now it’s 2; so it’s not a full time thing. And wouldn’t you like this face at your house twice a week?

Blocks falling off your head is hilarious!
This is probably gross, but I couldn’t help record and encourage this. The laughs make it so adorable.

The point I am making is this. While you may think I am really “nice”, I don’t do it to be nice. When you have kids, you do things you never would have thought you would. You change your life in small and big ways, just so theirs will be better, no matter the inconvenience to you.

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I love doing this. I love when my girls ask if Griffin will be here in the morning. I love when they hear him come in, they can’t wait to get out of bed and come see him. I love that when Griffin comes in, if the girls aren’t already up, he is looking for them. When they come in, he is all smiles to see them. He runs to their room to see them. He has an irresistible little giggle when playing with them.

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I watch my nephew for my kids, for him, and his unborn baby brother “mini-Toups 2”. Not for me, or my sister. I do it for them and the relationships that they are forming that will be there forever. I do it for my nephew, who hopefully will always be comfortable here at my house with me and my little family.

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And maybe I do it for me, just a little bit. Because it is fun. It’s fun that no one could ever take from me.


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