Easter Camping

We loaded up and headed out this year, for a family camping vacation. Since Easter weekend is a long one, we drove a little farther than we usually do and camped in Mississippi. My sister and her family rented a camper, and we had our motorhome with my parents. We drove about 3 hours to Paul B. Johnson State Park, and had a great time. Our spot was on top of a hill and went right down to a pier on the lake. It was beautiful. Jon and I slept in the tent, but the girls slept in the motorhome with my parents. 

We fished (with zero success), the girls made "birthday cakes" in the dirt, went walking and bike riding, we took a few boat rides,  we opened Easter baskets and the park had an Easter egg hunt, with hard boiled eggs. I thought that was a little weird, but we had a good egg salad later!  It was a really good time spent with my family.

One memory, or story I am told, is that we went camping for Halloween a few times when I was a kid. My parents still talk about it and I remember my sister losing her first tooth while eating a milk dud at our camper. I am so excited to have these photo's and memories of us getting the girls up to find their Easter baskets outside the RV. Camping isn't the most glamorous way to vacation, but it sure does make for great family time and memories.

 And I didn't forgot my favorite little guy, Griffin.

He is too cute for words. 

I could eat that boy up. I can't wait to meet this boys new brother next week - could he be just as cute? I'm gonna bet so!!


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