Camping at Bogue Chitto

The first night of camping usually goes like this:

Once we pull into our spot and let the girls out of seatbelts, there is a lot to be done. Setting up, hooking up and dinner time is about to hit us. Jon and I get to work and the girls play. I can't remember the exact story here, but they were sure organized and there were specific duties for each princess. They are quite content with playing in the motorhome, rather than running around outside of it. 

Last weekend, we went to the Bogue Chitto State Park near Franklinton, LA. We try to keep these weekend trips close, so we have more time to camp. There was a little hiccup on the way, but we still got to set up camp before the dark night set in. The girls played, ate and we got to bed. 

Breakfast went like this because the morning was COLD! 

I prefer to cook outside, but the weather was not cooperating. Then we let the day, and the girls, take control and we started camping!

Riding bikes, picnicing, playgrounding and even getting splinters...
This little girl was super sad about the splinter and cried A LOT to get that thing out. She may have disturbed the whole park!

When you go camping, there are usually only 2 types of campers. The families with young kids, and the "snowbirds" or "seniors", the older people that keep to themselves, have dogs and stay inside a lot. Of course, we like to scope out the campers with young kids. We almost always find playmates for the kids and things like this happen:
Finger painting,

4 wheelers,

scavenger hunts,

and laying on a rug staring at a new friend, singing "Let it Go" from Frozen. 

There is even a little time for this:

relaxing in our new double hammock!

The girls had a great time and as we were leaving, Aliza said, "I wanna stay 100 days :(" Easter isn't that far off, and we'll be headed out again!


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