2014 Easter Dit-Dots

Last year we started a tradition, camping with my family for Easter (my family of 4, my sisters family of 4, and my parents). We went to Paul B. Johnson State Park, took our motorhome, boat, and a rented camper for the long weekend. We had a great time. This year, we made some changes and are fortunate to have another motorhome in the family, so we went to Lake Lincoln, MS with 2 motorhomes, a boat and a SUV.

We had a lot of fun this year. When we got home, unpacked and sat down to dinner, we talked about the trip. I saw a movie a long time ago, I don't remember much about it except that it was Michelle Pfifer (I think) and Bruce Willis and at the family dinner table they talk about their days "highs" and "lows". I love that idea and my kids are now old enough to actually remember their days and pick out the high parts and low parts, so we do this pretty regularly at our dinner table. Back to our after camping dinner, we asked what the highs and lows were for the Easter trip. It was a lot of fun to go through all the things we did, and the girls could not pick out one thing they liked the most. They both said the whole trip was their favorite! I love hearing that!

This conversation brought back something that we did in high school called "dit-dots". At the end of the year, we would put dit-dots in the yearbook. It would be little inside jokes, one liners, or little phrases that reminded us of different trips or parties and things throughout the year. Since we were listing out all the fun things we did on our Easter 2014 camping trip, I thought dit-dots would be a great, quick way to remember what we did here on my blog. So, here it goes -

2014 Gulledge Family Easter Camping Trip Dit-Dots

crawfish•kite flying•playground•sandy beach•nana jana•scavenger hunt•confetti eggs•frying fish•dyeing eggs•kickball•boat riding•star gazing•hugs•grillin' cheese•Chinese jump rope•flashlights•hammock•bike, bike, bike and more bike riding•making necklaces•washers•carriage riding over speed bumps•cousins•hotdogs•Easter egg hunt•campfires•monkey bars•feeding ducks•bubbles•THE EASTER BUNNY!•hopping over Uncle Michael•picking flowers•bugs!•eating on ice chests•kids table•Rum Chata•fishing•steaks•chillin'•indulging after lent•moon sand•remote control cars•pine cones on a campfire•umbrellas•throwing rocks in the lake•hot dogs•braiding hair•stamps


  1. Great Pics-especially love Aliza's sparkly TOMS!--darlene


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