Potty Training update

First off, thanks for the all advice I got from some of you that read these words I write. I love to get feedback and comments from Garynation. This blog is a little hobby that I found, and something I really have found to love. You can’t imagine the feeling I get when I hear someone reads it or laughs at what I write – it warms my heart!!

Anyway, I have to say that potty training is going REALLY well. We still haven’t really got out much, but this week I plan to. I realized that even though I thought I was crazy when I started this, I picked the coldest week we’ve had yet to HAVE to stay inside – kudos to me!! It has kept us warm and now I think Marielle is ready to hit the road and test her little bladder.

At the time I published my last potty training post, Marielle hadn’t yet gone #2 on the potty. That same night she did. She cried the whole time and was scared. She got over it and I was hoping that she would be ready to keep doing that every time. We’ve still had a few #2 accidents (no accidents for #1 in probably 4 days or so), but Friday she did it again on the potty! That time she told us not to come in the bathroom and to “stay in the kitchen!” It was hilarious for her to boss us around like that, but I guess she wanted her privacy! No tears and she’s gone a few times since. Phew!! I think we’re on the downside of this hill!!

She wears a pull up to bed, but she won’t pee in it. She gets up for us to bring her to pee pee on the potty. I’m excited about that but also not excited. It means I can’t really let her cry in the middle of the night because she might really have to pee. Ugh – I want some good sleep!! But it also means that maybe we’ll be getting in to panties all the time soon and we won’t have to break her of pull ups later on.

Here is a not too inappropriate picture of her on her little potty. Thanks again for all your thoughts and advice on potty training!! I needed it!!

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