A pre-Christmas visit to Lafayette

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Jon took a vacation week just before Christmas because he had so many days leftover. He was my little sidekick all week. We did almost everything together and he got a glimpse of Stay-At-Home-Mom life, it was great! He was worried at first and said he really needed some kind of project to work on, but there was never anything dyer that needed to be done around the house. I was finishing up Christmas stuff and wrapping presents, so he got to see just what we do all day. It’s really kind of boring, even though I always seem busy. Everything just takes longer when 2 kids are involved.

Anyway, we decided to go for a visit to Lafayette to visit Jon’s family while we had the time. That’s one thing I totally admire about Jon, his family is very important to him and wants to make time to visit whenever possible. Such a family man…anyway, we met his parents and ate at Vermilionville.

c (13) c (19) Aliza’s signature pointing…

c (27) c (36)

c (40) c (41) Marielle had a great time dancing next to our table. I’m telling you – life of the party!

c (35) She even made friends with some men sitting next to us and had a beer with them. Just kidding!! They saw me taking an overload of pictures and thought it would be funny to give her a beer can. I have to agree – it was funny!

c (48) Of course Marielle had to get Aliza involved in dancing around the restaurant. It was late so I don’t think they disturbed too many of the other diners – I hope!

c (54) c (62)

Then outside the restaurant, there was some beautiful landscape and old buildings and a museum. The whole place is called the Bayou Vermilionville District. Great place for pics. Here are just a few that I took.

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c (105) 

c (127) Gotta get one with Grandy!


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