Aliza’s hand and the burner…they don’t mix

So, I briefly blogged about Aliza’s hand the other day, and today we are pretty much wrapping up that little mishap. The day after bringing her to the after hours clinic (Tuesday), we went back to have her bandage changed. This is what I saw Sad smile


OUCH!! I was so hoping for no blisters, but hoping didn’t help. There was that big fat one in the middle and another one close to her wrist that looked like it had already formed and popped. It didn’t seem to hurt her because she was putting pressure on it while the bandage was on. She screamed and cried when the guy changed the bandage, but she was fine after. We were sent home and told to wash it and change the bandage daily, don’t pop the blister, and only to come back if there was infection.

Saturday night, we took off the bandage to clean it, and this is what we saw:


It popped!! Yay!! We are still covering it with some antibacterial cream and the bandage, just in case the skin breaks.

And to further follow up, we have made a new rule in the kitchen – NO STOOLS!! They don’t like that rule too much, but I’m not risking it.


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