What a year it's been!

I have been really, really busy. This past year has really thrown me for a loop! I never fully elaborated on this post and this post from last year, but I did start a photography business last year. I teamed up with an old friend/classmate, and started Jenka Photography. It was a whirlwind of a year that had my head spinning and my family neglected.

Unfortunately, the business did not work out for me. I put a lot of time and effort into it, and after lots of debating and stressing and sleepless nights, I had to tell my business partner that I needed to get out of the business. She taught me a lot, about photography and photoshop, and I learned a lot about business and people and myself. I found out that I took on too much. I had found something that i really liked to do, photograph people, and thought taking the next step of starting a business seemed only logical. When Jennifer approached me about partnering up, I thought it sounded perfect for me. A business on the side that I could occupy myself with, but still be home with my kids. Sounds enticing, right? Except that owning your own business is a lot. A LOT of work. I enjoyed most of it, but when it came down to it, it was taking me away from my family in the evenings and weekends more than I wanted it to. I thought I could juggle it, but I found myself miserable. So busy that I couldn't focus on any one thing and my kids were sitting in front of the TV more than ever. I never intended on it being like that. I wanted a little something to keep me busy while my girls were in school. I couldn't have imagined all the demands a business has. The taxes, the emails, trying to have meetings, a business partner, the photoshoots and the ordering sessions. And those lasts 2 things were the fun part! But I didn't enjoy my 2013, I stressed it. And I couldn't do it any longer.

So, with that said, I am no longer, Kasey co-owner of Jenka photography, LLC, I am Kasey SAHM (again) to my two most precious treasures, Marielle and Aliza.

And I couldn't be prouder and happier at this time in my life. I hope to get back to blogging and savoring my memories of these littles.

I hope everyone understands and gives me a little slack for trying something that I thought was a good idea and really, maybe, wasn't. ;)


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